Lipsa Industrial was founded 16 years ago in response to a growing need in mexico for a medium size company to provide engineering, procurement, construction and plant services required for the implementation of projects related to the process, natural gas transmission and power generation industries. Lipsa Industrial emerged through the association of Lipsa, a well known and financially solid Mexican construction company established in 1963 with a proven track record from past construction work in the country, and a group of high caliber, expert engineers with extensive experience in the execution of a wide variety, scope and size, of process and energy related projects. Lipsa Industrial offers an outstanding team of engineers and technicians, that have an average of 25 years industrial experience and 15 years working together in a task force environment assuring an in-depth knowledge of the work process, standards, specifications, procedures and computer tools all key features of successful projects. Lipsa Industrial can, at the clients request or need, generate all project documents and drawings in Spanish or English. Through the affiliation with the construction company, Lipsa Industrial has also the ability to provide the construction phase of the projects. The construction company offers the human, financial and construction equipment resources to ensure that the same high level of service is available for the construction work of all projects. Lipsa Industrial can also provide a full range of procurement services through their own purchasing department. Lipsa procurement personnel are fully bilingual, familiar with domestic and international suppliers, well acquainted with equipment, materials and services required in the process, natural gas transmission and power generation industries and are up to date with availability and commercial conditions prevailing in the markets. Lipsa Industrial headquarters are in Mexico City. The offices owned by Lipsa Industrial are located at Presa Tepuxtepec No 32, Loma Hermosa, Mexico City. The three story building is equipped with modern facilities required to execute the engineering and procurement services of any size project or client required service. Future additional floor space is readily available to add new personnel as projects grow and expand. Lipsa Industrial’s approach to computer utilization for engineering and drafting is an integral part of their goal to provide the highest level of service to their clients. Computers and their use are viewed as resources that enhance the capability of their staff to implement these services. A variety of design tools are available to engineers during the design of a processing unit; most of these tools involve the use of computers. Lipsa Industrial has assembled a wide array of carefully selected hardware for the production of two and/or three dimensional graphics. Workstations range from sophisticated “state-of- the-art” to “basic” graphic and alphanumeric terminals. Computer work is supported by a network of servers, personal computers, CAD stations, printers and plotters interconnected on site via an “ethernet” local area network and externally via “internet” as part of the information management facilities to fully exploit information exchange throughout the system and ensure full information transfer between personnel internally or externally to the client. Hundreds of customized graphics commands and utilities have been developed to improve the speed and consistency of drawing production. In addition, extensive standard cell and symbol libraries have been developed for fast, consistent and repetitive placement of graphics. Vendor command menus, used to access libraries of utilities and cell menus, have been customized for each application. An extensive library of “standard” drawings has also been developed. These can be quickly customized to meet specific plant design and clients needs. The executive management of Lipsa Industrial is committed to achieving the quality mission on all projects: “To provide advanced technologies, facilities and services which fully satisfy our client’s needs and provide greater benefit than those of our competitors.” Lipsa Industrial’s quality policy establishes the goals to which we are committed in achieving the quality mission. These goals are to: • Deliver technologies, facilities and services in conformance with agreed requirements, on time, at the agreed price and in a manner which merits client satisfaction. • Fully understand the work processes and continually seek to eliminate any wasted time, resources and costs. • Fully understand the requirements for work assigned, know what is required to perform the job ‘right the first time’, and conform to those requirements at all times. To translate this commitment into action, Lipsa Industrial has instituted a systematic quality management process directed at continually enhancing the understanding of quality, the work environment, the work processes and the communication system needed to ensure the quality and value of the technologies, facilities and services that lipsa provide. In summary, lipsa / lipsa industrial can provide the experience and the technical, financial and human resources required to implement successfully, partially or as a whole, the engineering, procurement and construction phases of a project, under any contractual terms, resulting in a cost effective, high quality and timely delivered professional project.

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